Premises Liability

Premises liability claims involve personal injuries sustained due to an unsafe condition on the premises of another. Sometimes called “slip-and-fall” claims, they are often heavily scrutinized by juries and can be extremely challenging to prove in court. These matters turn on the nature of the defendant’s duty of care to the plaintiff, the plaintiff’s status as a social guest or business patron, and the comparative fault of the two parties for the plaintiff’s injuries.

Note, a person can also be injured while on the premises of another due to the negligent conduct of the owner of the premises or the owner’s agents (for example, if an absent-minded store employee runs into a customer).

Ethan Chatov has the expertise you need for your premises liability case. These matters usually require substantial evidentiary support and can be extremely laborious and frustrating to handle on your own. Mr. Chatov has years of experience successfully representing injured parties in claims against major corporations, including Walmart and IKEA, and other commercial property owners. Give us a call today for a free consultation.