Motor Vehicle Accidents

Ethan Chatov specializes in representing people who have been injured due to the fault of another in car crashes, motorcycle accidents, trucking collisions, and other automotive accidents. The damages at stake in these claims vary as much as the plaintiffs themselves, who sustain all manner of injuries ranging from soft tissue back and neck injuries to severe concussions, broken bones, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), paralysis and, in the worst instances, death.

Regardless of the severity of the injury, in the context of their already-busy and stressful lives, rehabilitation often requires the victim’s full physical and mental attention, draining them of the energy required to deal effectively with the insurance companies, whose incentive is to resolve every claim for the smallest sum possible. The insurance companies know that most plaintiffs:

  1. Are unaware of, or mistaken about, their own legal rights;
  2. do not know how to realistically estimate the value of their own claims; and
  3. have zero familiarity with the technical legal procedures required to assert them.

Therefore, going it alone as a plaintiff is rarely advisable. Successfully bringing a personal injury claim is a complex and technical process requiring careful planning and preparation, and it is a mistake to ‘wait and see’ if you can do a better job negotiating on your own behalf before seeking out legal representation. If you try to handle your own motor vehicle accident claim, you can cause irreversible damage to your case.

Automotive collisions are agonizing enough without the added frustration of having to negotiate blindly with insurance companies that don’t take you seriously and seem to hold all the cards. You need an advocate who will fight for you so you can focus on getting better, which should be your number one priority when you are hurt. Contact us today for a free consultation.