Construction Defect Litigation

Purchasing a home, or making a substantial addition to your existing home, is an endeavor fraught with peril. You may discover the negligence years after it took place. Claims of defective workmanship are rife with insurance coverage disputes, subject to strict time limitations and notice requirements, and often trigger protracted arguments over contract interpretation and enforcement. These claims may be designated complex litigation, which effectively postpones the trial date, and can present difficult discovery issues and burdens of proof requiring ample expert testimony and forensic evidence. They can involve substantial sums of money and numerous represented parties all pointing fingers at one another, including the plaintiffs, city officials, general contractors, developers and subcontractors.

Before starting his own plaintiff’s law firm in 2012, Ethan Chatov spent five years as an insurance defense attorney representing dozens of contractors against construction defect claims. Use his defense experience to your advantage: call us today for your free consultation.